Wells Head Cottage, GB

Wells Head Cottage is located on the edge of a beautiful Cotswold village with an historic church, local school and a strong sense of community. The prestigious heritage listed Wells Head property was extended and renovated using JG Speedfit Polybutene-1 (Polybutylene, PB-1) plumbing systems for hot and cold water and heating, manufactured by PBPSA member John Guest.



JG Speedfit's plumbing and underfloor heating systems made from PB-1 have been installed in a impressive extension in the Home Counties by W.L.F Plumbing and Heating Ltd. The Wells Head Cottage renovation is an addition to the original listed building.

The installation of both plumbing and heating is across two floors, downstairs the extension adds a new kitchen, utility room, and walkway between the existing and new building, while the upstairs of the extension is comprised of a master bedroom with ensuite.

The flexible PB-1 layflat pipe was cabled through joists reducing installation time and joints.

The majority of the plumbing in the new extension is located in the kitchen and ensuite. Due to the flexibility of the PB-1 layflat pipe it was easy for the contractor to cable the pipe through the joists to the take-off points saving installation time and reducing the number of joints required. Once all the pipe work was installed it was pressure tested as is recommended in the JG Speedfit literature; 2 bar for 10 minutes and 10 bar for 10 minutes.

During the second fix, JG Speedfit hand tightened flexi hoses were used to connect to the faucets. This meant that connecting to threads in tight spaces was quick and easy, as the fitting only required hand tightening, eliminating the need for tools.

The flexibility of JG Speedfit layflat PB-1 pipe and ease of installation using high pressure tested PB-1 pushfit fittings make this Polybutene-1 system the perfect solution for state-of-the-art renovation in an existing structure.

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Polybutene-1 is often referred to as Polybutene, Polybutylene, PB-1 or PB.

Polybutene-1 is not sold by PBPSA members for use in pipe applications intended for use in North America, and those parties require their customers or distributors not to sell products made from PB-1 into pipe applications for North America.

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