Technical Visit to Nueva Terrain

Following the company's policy of providing technical support to our clients, both nationally and internationally, PBPSA member Neuva Terrain has organised a visit by Architects and Technical Engineers from Bogotá Colombia to its headquarters in Spain.

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The activities carried out during this visit ranged from the explanation of manufacturing models, laboratory tests and trials, to a technical exhibition on construction solutions and projects developed, calculations and sizing.

Also of interest was the explanation about the union forms of our products. And ending with an extensive presentation of our articles and their disposition in the current market, commercial network, sales suggestions, etc.

Return of the visit

On the occasion of a programmed visit to Bogotá, our Commercial Director has conducted an interview with our client, with whom we had the honor of providing the meeting mentioned above. The purpose of this visit was to strengthen relationships and understanding to reinforce our long-term business relationship.

Nueva Terrain has a record of success in major piping projects in Latin America including Bogotá, Columbia.