San Luis Potosi, MX

The city of San Luis Potosi, located in central Mexico, is often considered to be one of the most advanced regions in the country. Its central location and large industrial economy strategically supplies the surrounding states, harnessing considerable potential for economic growth and development. The Covalia complex aligns perfectly with these ambitions, bringing together numerous and distinct users, including gastronomic, commercial, residential and office spaces in what is widely considered an iconic real estate development project in the city. A smart and innovative energy solution was key to meet such high and diverse demands.


Serving diverse, high-end needs in an all-in-one solution

The state-of-the-art Covalia building complex sought to secure an integrated energy solution for its wide variety of end-users, the first of its kind in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi. In order to meet the different needs in such an energy-intensive facility, engineering an efficient and sustainable solution was crucial.

The cornerstone of this project was specified in 2013. A wide range of variables were associated with the development of a project of such magnitude and diversity of needs, which all needed to be efficiently and sustainably covered. Bringing all of these services together in a single solution made for quite a challenge for the Covalia developers, requiring careful planning to develop a concept to ideally suit these needs. So the construction phase only started in 2015.


• 12 multi-purpose levels
• 4 parking levels
• 900 m² of office area
• 5,222 m² bars, arcade, rooms
• Project duration: 12 months

In order to keep up a healthy and clean indoor environment, an efficient and sustainable level of heating, cooling and ventilation – using healthy materials – is key. In close cooperation with the real estate developer, PBPSA member Thermaflex designed and developed a complete solution for Covalia’s energy infrastructure with a smart network of pre-insulated Flexalen pipes made from Polybutene-1, next to ThermaSmart PRO technical insulation systems for the existing installations. The total package consists of almost 2km of PB-1 carrier pipes, 2.3 km of ThermaSmart PRO tubes and 200m² of ThermaSmart PRO sheet.


Looking to be a leading example in the industry, the goal for the Covalia project developers was clear – to find an innovative, efficient and sustainable solution which positively contributes to a healthy indoor environment at the highest level of comfort and well-being for its diverse users. It was to become one of the most popular addresses for living, work and play, attracting both the local community as well as visitors. Considering the hot and humid climate in San Luis Potosi, a high level of energy-efficiency at minimal maintenance throughout the building lifetime was desired. Thermaflex with its Flexalen PB-1 system, stood out as the ideal solution provider for this cutting edge project.


All 12 stories of living, working, shopping and dining are now perfectly equipped to fulfill the high and diverse energy demands in a perfectly clean and healthy indoor environment. The widespread needs and conditions for the multitude of different users are met at a flawless performance to this day. The Thermaflex solution guarantees this performance throughout the lifetime of the building. The Covalia and its exclusive mix of services developed as an attractive spot for the local community, numerous tourists and business travelers today.



Juan Camilo Amaya Castro
Sales and Marketing Manager LATAM
Sub.: Thermaflex Latam

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Polybutene-1 is often referred to as Polybutene, Polybutylene, PB-1 or PB.

Polybutene-1 is not sold by PBPSA members for use in pipe applications intended for use in North America, and those parties require their customers or distributors not to sell products made from PB-1 into pipe applications for North America.

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