Building the Future with Polybutene Piping Systems: A Webinar Recap

On December 6, 2023, PBPSA (Polybutene Piping System Association) hosted a webinar on how to choose the best material for sustainable pressure pipe projects. The webinar was for pipe system designers, consultants, engineers, installers, and property owners who wanted to know more about the benefits of using Polybutene (PB-1) in their piping systems.

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PBPSA webinar 2023

The webinar gave information about the properties of PB-1, a thermoplastic resin that has better performance in terms of efficiency, flexibility, durability, reliability, and sustainability. Also some examples and tips on how to design, install, maintain, and recycle PB-1 piping systems were given.


The webinar was presented by two experts:

  • Patrick van Beek, Marketing Manager PB-1 at LyondellBasell and chairman of PBPSA. Patrick explained how Polybutene (PB-1) changes the way piping systems are made, making it the best option in every aspect of the process.
  • Werner Rothhöft, Application Development & Technical Service Engineer at LyondellBasell. Werner answered all technical questions about PB-1, highlighting its amazing features compared to other piping materials such as metals, PEX, PE-RT and PP-R.


Missed the webinar? Watch the recording

The webinar was successful and received positive feedback from the attendees. If you did not see the webinar or want to see it again, you can download the slide deck and watch the recording here.

Recorded webinar:


Thanks to all attendees and our members

We thank all the participants and speakers for making this webinar possible. We hope you liked it and learned something new. If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of our member companies.

The PBPSA member companies are RWC (John Guest), Thermaflex, Nueva Terrain, GF Piping Systems, Wavin, and LyondellBasell.


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