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PBPSA Member Nueva Terrain is pleased to announce that their new corporate website, first launched in Spanish, is now offered in English.

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The primary navigation subjects on the Nueva Terrain website are:

Also provided online is a full array of PDF downloads for products and technical issues along with instructional installation videos

Website Primary Navigation subjects

  • Meet Terrain
  • Quality
  • Products
  • Projects
  • Technical Area
  • Commercial Network
  • News

Nueva Terrain details its Polybutene piping system range with the following key attributes:

  • Extremely reliable and fast system
  • No need for tools
  • Diameters and characteristics CTE compliant
  • Conformity certificates (piping and fittings)
  • Flexible
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Noise absorption
  • Classified for temperatures of up to 95º

The Polybutene piping system information online is segmented by the three installation/jointing options offered by Nueva Terrain which are:

  • Pushfit
  • Electrofusion-Butt Fusion
  • Socket Fusion

Nueva Terrain offers customers high quality integral piping solutions through its sole distribution network. The commercial network is founded on a base of highly experienced professionals with comprehensive technical training. The company offers advanced training programmes for prescribers, engineers, architects and fitters at the Nueva Terrain training centre.

Nueva Terrain began operations in the 60s with the ambitious objective of becoming a manufacturer driven by quality, innovation and technological development. Since then, doing business in a market monopolised by metal materials, such as copper and steel, they have gradually managed to introduce plastic piping systems and today the market recognises the enormous advantages of a technical material like PB-1.

The development of innovative, top-quality products is still what drives Nueva Terrain. Some recent examples of just this are: the Push-Fit joint system in diameters of 40 and 50 mm, the double electrofusion-butt fusion system on large diameters, multilayer piping (with oxygen barrier) in Polybutylene and the soundproof systems for drainage.

Nueva Terrain has attained a position in the market that distinguishes the brand as one with the highest levels of product and service quality.

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