New Website for Thermaflex

PBPSA member Thermaflex has recently delivered a new state-of-the-art website to simplify and improve the user experience on computers and mobile devices with intuitive navigation and key content that users are searching for.


The streamlined website informs users of innovative, reliable quality Thermaflex solutions that help save energy and extend the lifespan of both insulation and piping systems. Cradle-to-Cradle products made from Polybutene-1 are explained to assist customers realise their sustainability objectives.

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The customised Thermaflex insulation materials offer protection, impact resistance and sound insulation. The new website describes the materials' suitability for multiple applications, including heating and cooling networks, buildings, transport, shipbuilding, products, equipment and packaging.

Understanding that experienced online users are seeking information that is easy to find, concise and targeted to their concerns, the new Thermaflex website offers intuitive navigation that is:

  • Handy, clean and compact
  • Communicates instantly
  • Available from any point on the website
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly

The Thermaflex website active content includes:


Effective, durable and sustainable insulation solutions for the distribution of hot or cold liquids: corrosion-free, mechanically strong and 100% recyclable.

  • Insulation
  • Pre-insulated PB-1 piping systems
  • Protection
  • Ducted systems

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Thermaflex serves a diverse and broad range of sectors and markets. By harnessing their experience and the know-how of specialists, the company deploys insulation and piping products and solutions to help customers find effective solutions and deliver substantial added value.

  • HVAC/R
  • Construction
  • Heating and Cooling networks
  • Drinking water
  • Marine
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Others

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The best product, properly installed, ensures that systems operate properly while delivering ideal insulation properties. Thermaflex assists with advice and support from the early stages up to installation and training!

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  • ThermaSmart PRO
  • ThermaSmart ENEV
  • ThermaSmart ENEV-Q
  • ThermaEco FRZ HF
  • ThermaEco ZZ
  • ThermaCompact
  • ThermaRod
  • ThermaVlies
  • Ultra M
  • TS Marine 2.0
  • Heating cables

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  • Flexalen 600
  • Flexalen PU
  • Flexalen Multiline
  • Flexalen Protectube
  • Flexalen prefabrications
  • Flexalen system accessories
  • Flexalen tools
  • TQ-Air

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