John Guest Adds LowFit for UFH

PBPSA member John Guest, part of the RWC Group, has launched an exciting new underfloor heating (UFH) solution using low profile layflat Polybutene-1 (Polybutylene, PB-1) piping to complement its existing JG Underfloor heating range.

JG LowFitTM is specially designed to keep the overall floor height to an absolute minimum without compromising heat output.

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As low carbon heating systems begin replacing traditional gas boiler alternatives, RWC’s JG LowFit is designed to benefit both new build and retrofit projects. The innovative solution keeps the overall floor level to a minimum through low-profile panelling options, containing the PB-1 pipes, ranging from 16mm-20mm in thickness.

Mike Riseley, UK Sales Director at RWC, comments: “With the industry’s push for energy efficient heating solutions, RWC’s new JG LowFit range is ready to serve the market. Our new collection of products offers installers a convenient and unobtrusive UFH solution to work alongside alternative heating technologies, such as heat pumps, without compromising on performance.”

Acknowledging the importance of retrofit projects, RWC’s JG LowFit foil and mesh panels have been specifically designed to be placed over existing timber or concrete flooring. This means installers avoid the need to spend time prising up the build’s flooring and adding unnecessary costs to the project.

The JG LowFit Layflat Barrier PB-1 Pipe is highly flexible and includes an inner barrier preventing oxygen ingress to reduce corrosion for metal parts.

The perfect partner for renewable heat sources, including heat pumps, the new range’s full panelling options are suitable for screed, non-screed, tiled and existing concrete floors, suiting almost any type of installation. The 12mm JG LowFit Layflat Barrier Polybutylene Pipe (Polybutene-1, PB-1) offers great flexibility when laying and it includes an inner barrier to prevent the ingress of oxygen molecules, which helps reduce corrosion on metal parts within the system.

Riseley continues: “At RWC, we want to ensure we are truly meeting the needs of heating and plumbing installers from product design to installation. This is why alongside our new panelling system, our latest JG LowFit manifolds come with JG Speedfit push-fit technology -exclusive to our JG Underfloor heating range. Featuring 12mm push-fit connections, our new JG LowFit manifolds are fast and simple to install, and unlike some others in the market do not require fitting additional reducers from 15 or 16mm connections. This not only speeds installation time, but it also reduces fittings and pipe congestion around the manifold.

And as with all our manifolds, they come with a pre-fitted wall bracket and isolation vibration mount, as well as a pre-assembled air vent, fill valve and adjustable flow meters. Available in sizes from 2 up to 12 ports, the manifold is also compatible with our JG Aura heating controls for independent zone control.”

Alongside RWC’s commitment to making jobs more efficient through innovative product design, RWC also offer further support such as a fast UFH CAD service, followed by help from our team of National Technical Engineers ready to advise on best practice, ensuring installers are provided with the knowledge required for every job.

For more information on RWC’s new JG LowFit range, click here.

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