John Guest – 60 Years of Trust

Established in 1961 by John Guest, the company developed the world’s first push-fit technology designed initially for compressed air in 1974. Created to make installations faster and easier, this technology is now used across the globe, including power-steering systems in automotive to food grade applications in drinks dispense and water treatment, through to plumbing and heating, telecoms, compressed air and OEM solutions. Under the iconic John Guest and JG Speedfit brands, the core technology has not only been revolutionising multiple industries for decades, but the exposure to application specific challenges has led to a diverse bank of engineering expertise where innovation and learnings from one industry get applied in another.

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The original push-fit inventors, PBPSA member, John Guest, part of the RWC family of brands, celebrates 60 years since the brand’s inception.

Bart Maris, VP Sales & Marketing for RWC EMEA, said, “This year we are celebrating a huge milestone at John Guest. With 60 years of trust and innovation behind us, push-fit technology has come a long way since we first invented it, and we are constantly striving for improvement.

“Now, as part of the RWC family of brands, we are integrating the John Guest technology, knowledge and experience into our wider RWC product portfolio. For example, just last year we launched a set of Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit connections to help make plumbing and heating installations faster, simpler and easier. We also launched a new range of SharkBite Air push-fit fittings and pipe to complement our John Guest compressed air range.

“For the customers, and installers who are using our technology and products every day, our history and ongoing research and development mean you get the highest quality products that are fast to install, reliable and safe for the future.”

Today, John Guest and JG Speedfit innovate for a range of industries within its UK factories, making millions of products a year. Everything is made in the UK, from tooling, to automated assembly machines to components – ensuring the John Guest reputation for quality is never compromised. Every product designed by John Guest and JG Speedfit is rigorously tested in its state-of-the-art labs, with strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

“John’s Guest’s legacy lives on in all the products we make today – with this DNA in everything from the idea and design to the precision engineering and manufacturing, as well as our expert technical service and support,” said Maris. “We also focus on the quality and reliability of our supply chains, materials and trained personnel – with experts across multi-disciplines, the result is the highest quality products that exceed industry standards in all sectors.”

“As John Guest’s heritage continues to inspire the next generation of push-fit solutions, we are looking forward to the next 60 years, further improving performance and efficiency within plumbing and heating, as well as the many industries where our technologies find their application. As a start, and being part of the RWC family of brands since 2018, we are well ahead in the process of making what’s next by combining our engineering excellence with that of the other brands under the RWC umbrella.”

For more about the marking of our John Guest anniversary, celebrating ‘60 Years of Trust’, please visit rwc.com/johnguest.