Flexalen Specified for Tallest Building in Benelux

In the port city of Rotterdam, BAM Bouw en Techniek has commenced construction of another landmark building project in a premium city location near the Maas river. The new residential complex, named De Zalmhaven, is located in the historic Veerhaven area and close to the Erasmus bridge in the heart of Rotterdam. Once completed, De Zalmhaven will be the tallest residential skyscraper in the Benelux group of countries.

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BAM Energy Systems, responsible for the energy infrastructure of the building, has teamed up with PBPSA member company Thermaflex, manufacturer of Flexalen systems, for the district heating network servicing the De Zalmhaven residential precinct. Due to the aggressive lead time and available on-site schedule, all pre-insulated Flexalen piping systems, made from Polybutene-1, (Polybutylene, PB-1) will be supplied as specified prefabricated assemblies, including Flexalinks and custom-made building entry bends.

The combination of specific prefabs and the inherent flexibility and light weight of the PB-1 piping allows for easy transportation and rapid on-site network installation and deployment with the lowest possible risk profile.

As well as the main skyscraper, this high profile construction will also include two additional towers (70m), a parking garage and 33 luxury living spaces. De Zalmhaven is a development of Zalmhaven CV, a joint venture between the well known local real estate developer AM and the developer/investment management group Amvest.

With a booming building sector and ever more condensed timelines, the need for installation speed, along with operational quality and extended system life has become a critical factor in the specification of piping systems for major projects.

In fulfilling this requirement in key building and infrastructure projects worldwide, Thermaflex has demonstrated a rich history as a leading innovator and manufacturer of highly prefabricated plastic district energy networks. This combination of close project collaboration and planning, along with state-of-the-art prefabricated Flexalen piping systems made from PB-1 allows for the shortest possible installation time and the least possible interference with the primary building process.

For more information please visit: www.dezalmhaven.com or www.bambouwtdezalmhaven.nl
Or contact: Andre Rutten | Thermaflex