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Are you considering upgrading your piping systems?
Get to know Polybutene (PB-1): the number 1 alternative to traditional piping materials such as copper, CPVC, PE-RT, PPR and PEX.

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PB-1 piping material

High performance piping system with an exceptional long lifetime.

Polybutylene heating cooling piping systems

Polybutene-1 (PB-1) has been successfully used in pipe applications for over 50 years. PB-1 piping systems have demonstrated their exceptional long-life performance in demanding industrial, large-scale and domestic applications.


Polybutene-1 is your fast & flexible friend!

PB-1 is the flexible and durable plastic pipe for multi-purpose building and industrial applications.

PB-1 (Polybutene-1) is the most technically advanced material for hot and cold water pressurised piping systems. The main advantages of PB-1 are:

  • Fast installation: flexible, lightweight, one-material piping and fitting system
  • Cost saving: long lifetime, limited maintenance, less material needed due to reduced wall thickness
  • High performance: extremely heat and pressure resistance
  • Most sustainable solution: energy savings and less material waste during production, superior energy efficiency, minimal installation waste, end of life recycling
  • Proven technology: sucesfully used in pipe applications in Europe for over 50 years, installations from 70's still operating efficiently today


polybutene heating piping district energy

A wide range of applications; for multi-purpose building and industrial applications.

Polybutene-1 piping systems have demonstrated their exceptional performance in a variety of demanding long-term applications and have found broad acceptance amongst engineers, architects, planners, building contractors and installers.

Polybutene-1 is a high-tech engineering material recognised as the most technically advanced choice for a wide variety of hot and cold pressurised piping systems applications:



pb1 brochure

PB-1 techical paper

The most technically advanced material for pressure piping.

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pb1 for high-rise buildings

PB-1 for high-rise buildings

Advantages for complex pressurised piping systems.

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PB-1 vs metals

PB-1 compared to metals

PB-1 offers benefits across the full performance spectrum.

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PB-1 vs PEX  and PE-RT

PB-1 compared to PEX & PE-RT

Advantages for pressure piping systems.

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