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Get more in-depth information on the technical aspects and the wide range of applications of Polybutene in our white papers and case studies. Or read about the differences between traditional piping systems such as metal or PEX and PE-RT. Download our PB-1 resources below and watch the video.


 Benefits of PB-1 for Pressure Piping Systems


pb1 brochure

PB-1 techical paper

The most technically advanced material for pressure piping.

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pb1 for high-rise buildings

PB-1 for high-rise buildings

Advantages for complex pressurised piping systems.

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PB-1 vs metals

PB-1 compared to metals

PB-1 offers benefits across the full performance spectrum.

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PB-1 vs PEX  and PE-RT

PB-1 compared to PEX & PE-RT

Advantages for pressure piping systems.

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