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Nueva Terrain is a leading manufacturer and marketer of piping systems, plumbing and accessories with its headquarters, R&D and manufacturing facilities all located in Spain (Vitoria, Tordesillas and Andujar). The company offers comprehensive piping systems in both PB and PVC for markets worldwide developed with the latest technology and through close collaboration with customers and statutory authorities.



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About Nueva Terrain

Nueva Terrain markets a range of over 2,500 individual products for piping systems, plumbing, tools for installation and accessories.

Nueva Terrain offers customers high quality integral piping solutions through its sole distribution network. The commercial network is founded on a base of highly experienced professionals with comprehensive technical training. The company offers advanced training programmes for prescribers, engineers, architects and fitters at the Nueva Terrain training centre.

Nueva Terrain has attained a position in the market that distinguishes the brand as one with the highest levels of product and service quality.


Nueva Terrain features the complete product portfolio of pipes, plumbing fittings, installation tools and accessories covering all possible customer needs including hot and cold water, heating systems and chilled water services.

The company markets a range of over 2,500 individual products including push-fit PB-1  products comprising pipes, PB-1 parts, transition parts, heating parts, and tools; thermofusion PB-1 products, including pipes, parts, and tools; electrofusion PB products consisting of pipes, parts, and tools; and silent waste products comprising pipes and parts.

Also, the Nueva Terrain PVC product range includes pipes, drainage parts, ventilation series, rainwater series, valves and bottle traps.

Nueva Terrain PB-1 Technical Manual - download

Committed to the use of Polybutene-1

For Nueva Terrain, Polybutene-1 (Polybutylene) is the thermoplastic with optimal physical and mechanical characteristics for pressurised hot and cold water piping.

These characteristics, in conjunction with the variety and reliability of the jointing techniques available for the Nueva Terrain PB-1 piping system, make it an excellent choice for a broad variety of project installations. Nueva Terrain has additional information on its website in the form of Technical Product Sheets and Technical Notes that expand on various topics such as installation, legislation and instructions for assembly.

Nueva Terrain offers it's customers the following benefits:

Nueva Terrain Polybutene-1 piping and plumbing systems

PB-1 systems for the distribution of drinking water

The primary objective of Nueva Terrain for its Terrain SDP system is to satisfy the highest quality piping system requirements. As a result, through an especially rigorous selection process and criteria, PB-1 was the chosen material.

The decision was based on research and development, in-depth knowledge of plastics technology as well as supplementary options to allow the system to further evolve in line with future industry trends in installation and jointing.

As a consequence of in-depth studies and tests both in our own laboratories and from independent testing organisations, the conclusion was reached that the optimum raw material for the Terrain SDP system was PB-1, a partially crystalline polyolefin thermoplastic with high long-term performance and a high resistance to flow at high temperatures – properties that are essential for interior hot and cold water installations as well as for heating.

Polybutene-1 (also known as Polybutylene), the universal plastic material that allows joints by fusion welding and also by mechanical fittings, combines numerous key characteristics for piping systems including:


Due to its best-in-class resistance to high temperatures compared to other plastics, PB-1 permits lower wall thicknesses for identical usage profiles which, in turn provides larger internal transport diameters for the same external diameter, resulting in lower velocities for the same flow, lower head losses and a lower pipe weight per metre.

In addition, PB-1 has an excellent energy audit compared to other materials of the same application making it the product with the lowest environmental impact. As a polyolefin, PB-1 is of course completely recyclable.

The Nueva Terrain Polybutene-1 SDP piping system for drinking water and heating

The Terrain SDP system of pipes and fittings manufactured in PB-1 for the distribution of hot and cold water and heating offers the following advantages:

Nueva Terrain Polybutene-1 joint systems

Nueva Terrain offers four different joint systems depending on the requirements of the project installation and installer.

The advantages of PB-1 as a material for pressurised hot and cold water piping systems for drinking water and heating also include the many options available for joints which are quick to make, and when installed as prescribed, deliver long-life integrity under challenging environmental conditions. This is why Nueva Terrain requires their own pipes and fittings to be used in order to guarantee the installations.

Please note, combining components from different systems can cause or contribute to installation failure regardless of the individual quality of each component. PB-1 as a material has optimum characteristics for connection using the most versatile and varied systems: mechanical joints and fusion or thermal welding.

Nueva Terrain offers four different joint systems depending on installation and installer requirements:

These joint systems mentioned above, as well as the comprehensive range of diameters and variety of fittings, result in a complete product portfolio that provides solutions to the most varied of installations with the best materials and systems available.

List of applicable standards and legislation

Product Certification - AENOR product marking
The AENOR marking is a sign of conformity with the corresponding standard production. It certifies that the products that receive it have passed the assessments and controls that are established in the certification systems, thus guaranteeing the user a quality product. AENOR is a constituent member of the CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) that groups the national standardisation bodies of more than 30 European countries. It is therefore an internationally recognised and trusted marking due to its demands and presence in the market.

International standards listed in the previous section are not mandatory. In each country there is legislation that must be met before installing pipe and fittings for drinking water supply and heating. Usually international standards are more restrictive than national legislations which is why manufacturers are certified according to these standards and thus ensuring the conformity of the product.

Nueva Terrain Polybutene System | Brochures

The brochures below (in Spanish) are featured in the new Nueva Terrain website and detail the NT Polybutene Piping System range and describe installation processes. They can be downloaded by clicking each image or the description listed below.

1.  Polybutene Technical Manual (ES)  |  Polybutene Technical Manual (EN)

2.  Polybutene pipes, parts and components - Pipes and fittings (ES)

3.  Polybutene pipes, parts and components - Tetra Terrain - Pipes and fittings (ES)

4.  Polybutene pipes, parts and components - Electrofusion pipes and fittings (ES)

5.  Polybutene pipes, parts and components - Electrofusion and Butt Welding pipes and fittings (ES)

6.  Polybutene pipes, parts and components - Thermofusion pipe and fittings (ES)

Case Studies

The case studies presented on this website describe completed projects where PB-1 systems have been selected – often for installation and use in challenging conditions.

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