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RWC (John Guest) is a leading manufacturer of high quality push-in fittings, piping and plastic plumbing systems for a diverse array of markets worldwide. Our range comprises over 3,000 products for almost every tubing and pipe connection requirement. RWC (John Guest) has a global reputation for quality products and attention to innovation and value engineering.



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About John Guest

Transforming the way we connect

Since 1961 John Guest has been making connections across many sectors. As well as our pivotal role in plumbing, we also invented the world’s first push-fit system for compressed air and telecoms, with new pioneering products trusted by many global brands from Heineken to Ferrari.

Great engineering is about invention, design and the manufacture of practical solutions to complex problems. It’s the art and science of finding better ways of doing things. And that’s precisely what John Guest and JG Speedfit is famous for.

A commitment to quality is at the heart of the John Guest operating philosophy.

We design and manufacture high quality push-in fittings, piping and plastic plumbing systems for a wide variety of industries and applications including: plumbing and heating, drinks dispensing and vending, pneumatics, compressed air, water purification, automotive and telecommunications.

We are able to ensure strict control over our processes and quality due to the fact that all design and manufacture is consolidated at the purpose built John Guest manufacturing complexes at West London and Maidenhead, Berkshire in the UK. Maintaining oversight for the entire development process from product concept to tool design and tool making through to final assembly and testing, ensures that only products of exceptional quality are produced.

John Guest offers comprehensive Technical Support through our CAD design and Project Engineering services, which include recommended pipe layouts, flow rates, suggested zone temperatures for heating and advice on commissioning. In addition, we provide on-site support in the UK during the project installation process.

This commitment to quality has resulted in John Guest receiving many awards from the world's leading testing and approval organisations. John Guest is a preferred supplier to many international companies.


The concept of Speedfit push-in fittings was pioneered by John Guest and there are now many millions in service around the world. As installers and Original Equipment Manufacturers recognise the benefits in labour saving and reliability offered by our piping systems, the traditional methods of tube connection, such as compression and solder, are being replaced by push-in technology.

Across a host of applications, John Guest products require no special tools. The user simply cuts the tube square and inserts it into the fitting to create a secure and reliable connection. Thus, John Guest products offer the most reliable and cost effective solution to tubing connections.

Simply pushing a pipe into a fitting produces a permanent leakproof connection. A unique locking system using stainless steel teeth grips the pipe and an ‘O’ ring provides a leak proof seal. The fittings can be disconnected and used again without the need for replacement parts.

Designed for a service life of 50 years, Speedfit products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 compliant system and have WRAS and BBA approval, and are Kitemarked to BS7291 Parts 1,2 & 3 Class S and have a 25 year guarantee.

Speedfit and Polybutene-1 (PB-1) pipe

We regard Polybutene-1 as a premium material for quality Speedfit compatible piping used for plumbing and heating because of its long term reliability, long lengths for reduced connections and excellent handling capabilities such as its light weight, lay flat capabilities and high flexibility enabling it to be threaded through concealed or inaccessible places.

New Speedfit PB-1 Layflat pipe

JG Speedfit have recently launched a new ‘Layflat’ pipe coil made from Polybutene-1. An apparently simple concept, the Layflat pipe system will make plumbing and heating installations involving long lengths of pipe a far easier experience for plumbers in all locations.

JG Layflat pipe ensures that the pipe always lays flat and stays flat when removed from the coil. It is extremely flexible in comparison to traditional PEX coil alternatives and hence, easier to use, especially in cold weather. It is also supple enough to make underfloor heating installations effortless. As is standard, all Layflat pipe sizes come with a barrier layer to prevent the ingress of air into the system and every coil will be made in the UK.

The Polybutene-1 pipe is made from the best quality PB-1 material with little memory ensuring a very flexible system. British Gas has accepted the JG Layflat PB-1 pipe for water pipe in vented and sealed central heating systems. JG Layflat PB-1 pipe offers the following benefits:

John Guest product systems

John Guest produces over 3,000 products for almost every tubing and pipe connection requirement in the following basic categories:

Plumbing fittings
John Guest Speedfit is a push-fit system suitable for the plumbing of hot and cold water services and central heating applications, including pressurised and combi systems. Speedfit fittings have been designed for use with both Speedfit (Polybutene-1 and PEX) and copper pipe.

Underground fittings
Our new push-fit range of fittings for MDPE Pipe has an improved collet with stainless steel teeth to provide extra grip on the pipe. Like other JG Speedfit ranges, no specialist tools are required and the cold water products are fully demountable to help maintain or extend an existing pipe set-up. The range has WRAS approval.

Flexi hoses
We supply flexi hoses in both braided metal and white PVC. Our hoses offer a wide variety of connection options.

Pipe & accessories
As with plumbing fittings, Polybutene-1 lay flat barrier pipe and PEX barrier pipe are kitemarked to BS7291 Parts 1, 2 and 3 Class S License No KM39767.

Underfloor heating
Our Underfloor Heating System components are designed and manufactured in accordance with UK and European standards. We recommend the use of our Polybutene-1 lay flat barrier pipe range for underfloor heating systems.


60 Years of Trust

Innovative design is at core of RWC John Guest. It means clever, timesaving solutions engineered with lasting quality you can rely on. From state-of-the-art R&D to world-class product testing and quality control, our innovations are the by-product of pure engineering mastery. The same ethos drives our customer service and design service, ensuring we provide expert support whenever you need it.

Case Studies

The case studies presented on this website describe completed projects where PB-1 systems have been selected – often for installation and use in challenging conditions.

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