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We connect resources, technology, and people, enabling positive change for a better future together. Creating intelligent products and solutions for every flow application makes your world more connected and ensures the safe preservation and transportation of global fluid resources.

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Reliable piping systems are essential for the safe transport of water, chemicals and gases. GF Piping Systems produces piping systems and system solutions for a wide range of applications across many different industries. The company’s systems and solutions are available in various materials and cover a broad spectrum of operating temperatures, dimensions and nominal pressures so customers can find the optimal solution for their needs.


INSTAFLEX pipeline system is designed to meet the highest requirements of diverse building technology applications.

The INSTAFLEX plastic pipeline system is designed to meet the highest requirements of diverse building technology applications – from distribution to the extraction point.

Polybutene, a material specially developed for these applications, offers numerous benefits, from limited expansion force to low weight, space-saving installation, simple processing and high hygiene during operation.

INSTAFLEX is made from Polybutene-1 (Polybutylene, PB-1)

The INSTAFLEX system is made from polybutene - the ideal material for drinking water installations. It has been specially developed for applications in the building technology.

Of all the available full plastic systems, polybutene is subject to the lowest rate of thermal expansion. The material can absorb any expansion in itself. There is no need for expansion pieces or expansion joints.

It also allows the use of commercially available fastenings and fixtures. The result: clean installations which are pleasing to the eye, even if space is tight.

GFPS State-of-the-Art Drinking Water Installation

Wide Range of Dimensions
The INSTAFLEX system stands out with a wide range of available sizes (d 16 mm to d 31 5 mm). The same system can be used equally in a single-family detached house, in a hospital or even on board of a luxury ocean liner.

Hygienic Pipe System
Polybutene is corrosion-free and does not release any taste or pollutants. Its smooth surface also prevents limescale deposits.

Quick and Easy Installation
The flexibility of polybutene allows small changes in direction without adapters. This saves additional parts and valuable time during installation on-site. Polybutene remains flexible and easy to handle even at low temperatures.

Cost-effective Prefabrication
Using the Z-dimension method of GF Piping Systems, individual components can be cost-effectively prefabricated in the workshop and quickly installed at the construction site.

Connection Technologies
INSTAFLEX offers the perfect connection technology for every application:

Support and Services

GF Piping Systems provides support and application services for the entire installation lifecycle

Customers can rely on the additional services of GF Piping Systems in the same way they rely on the quality of GF products. The GF performance promise does not end with a products' purchase or installation.

For GF, it is a matter of course to provide individual support and application-oriented services along the entire lifecycle of installations in place. Whenever needed, GF supports customers in a proactive, straight forward way, providing local expert teams, individually tailored training courses as well as practical online, planning and installation tools. Customers are accompanied by GF teams from the initial idea to planning, engineering, installation and maintenance of their system. A wide range of tailored service choices is offered by GF Piping Systems.

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Case Studies

The case studies presented on this website describe completed projects where PB-1 systems have been selected – often for installation and use in challenging conditions.

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