Zinzia Psychiatric Care Centre - Wageningen, NL

Explore the success story of the Flexalen 600 pipe network by Thermaflex at the Zinzia Psychiatric Care Centre. This case study showcases the efficiency, sustainability, and performance of polybutene piping systems in real-world applications. 

Zinzia Psychiatric Care Centre

Innovative heating solution

The project aimed to create an efficient and sustainable heating system for a new building. Flexalen 600's flexibility was crucial in the building's unique semi-8-circle design, covering 7800 m². The use of Flexalen 600 ensured rapid deployment, reducing construction time and risks. This environmentally conscious choice resulted in a remarkable annual reduction of 400 tons of CO₂ emissions, highlighting the project's success in operational efficiency and sustainability.

Flexalen 600 with polybutene service pipe

Flexalen 600 flexible pre-insulated pipes offer a single solution for district heating, cooling networks and domestic water supply. They combine high and stable performance with ease and speed of installation, even in difficult conditions. The polybutene services pipes are lightweight, very flexible and thus easy to handle.

Flexalen 600

Sustainable project goals

  • Develop a sustainable, intelligent heating network tailored to the unique semi-8-circle layout of the new building.
  • Transport heat efficiently from the biomass-powered central station, targeting a 400-ton annual CO₂ emission reduction.
  • Minimize construction time and project risks.

Implementing Flexalen 600 for environmental efficiency

The project's use of Flexalen 600 marked a significant advancement in heating infrastructure. This system not only improved operational efficiency and reduced energy waste but also contributed to environmental sustainability, notably reducing CO₂ emissions annually. Flexalen 600's flexibility was key in efficient heat transport from the central station.

Polybutene-1 apllication

Achieving environmental and efficiency milestones

This innovative project demonstrates a balance between operational efficiency and sustainability. The Flexalen 600 heating system's adaptability and the project's environmental achievements underscore its success, marking a milestone in sustainable heating solutions.

More information?

Find out more about this project and download the case study at the Thermaflex website.