Thermaflex to Present at COOL DH 2019

Thomas van den Groenendaal, Commercial Manager of PBPSA member company Thermaflex will be presenting at the forthcoming COOL DH Workshop focused on low-temperature district heating – June 17, 2019 at Martin's Brussels EU Hotel. Together with co-presenter Klaus Grønnegaard Lauridsen of Logstor, their presentation at 15:45 is entitled: Innovative Piping Systems for Low Temperature District Heating. The workshop has a total audience capacity of 40 people allowing possibilities for interaction and questions. The complete workshop agenda and online reservation is at the link below:

COOL DH Workshop - The pioneer of Low-Temperature District Heating

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COOL DH Technical Workshop - The pioneer of Low-Temperature District Heating

COOL DH - Cool ways of using low grade heat sources from cooling and surplus heat for heating of energy efficient buildings with new Low Temperature District Heating (LTDH) Solutions.

The objective of the COOL DH initiative is to support cities in their endeavor to plan and deploy new, efficient district heating and cooling (DHC) systems and to extend and refurbish existing facilities to higher standards, thus allowing greater uptake of renewables, recovery of excess heat or cold while improving the overall efficiency of the systems.

One year has past and it's time for the first European Technical Workshop to discuss the COOL DH innovations and results. The workshop will assemble researchers, policy makers, public authorities and utilities. All coming together to discuss the future of District Heating, the use of surplus heat and local resources for low-temperature networks.

The workshop will focus on both technical and non-technical topics concerning the COOL DH innovations and frontrunner demonstration sites (i.e. Europe's largest LTDH network in Lund)  making comparisons with other sister initiatives (such as the TEMPO Project)  and sharing experiences and best practices.

This project has received funding from European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Thermaflex understands the power of networks. The best way to reduce primary demand is by collectivizing it through District Heating and Cooling networks. District networks offer the least-cost and most powerful solution to scale up efficiency for climate-proof and conscience-free energy.

Existing and developing societies are in need of sustainable solutions for energy and water. Together with their stakeholders, Thermaflex helps to build smart and efficient systems for future generations. We hope to see you at the COOL DH Workshop.