Infinity Tower - Lisbon, PT

At PBPSA, we are thrilled to showcase the exceptional use of PB-1 pushfit system TERRAIN SDP by Nueva Terrain in luxury real estate. Where quality, longevity, and efficiency are paramount. Infinity Tower is a prestigious property nestled in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal. This architectural gem stands as a testament to the remarkable capabilities of PB-1 piping systems.

Infinity tower Lisbon

PB-1 in luxury property: fulfilling the desires of real estate owners

Infinity Tower is a luxury property located in the iconic city of Lisbon, and is fully installed with the PB-1 pushfit system up to 50mm diameter. The TERRAIN SDP pushfit system is the only worldwide system that offers a range up to d50mm. Currently, the Infinity Tower is perhaps the most luxurious residential building in Portugal, boasting 195 apartments spread across its 26 floors. 

Efficient plumbing design and installation process

The plumbing concept design was entrusted to ECWS - Engineer & Consulting, Unipessoal Lda, Eng. Carlos Batista, while LUZIMECA - Instalações Técnicas Especiais Lda carried out the installation. The plumbing team underwent technical training provided by Nueva Terrain, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation process.

Long lifespan at high temperatures and pressures 

Thousands of pushfit joints were successfully made without the need for any tools or electrical power. The high flexibility of PB-1 pipes, along with their thin walls, helps to absorb water hammer and reduce noise transmission. However, the main advantage of this high-end PB-1 piping system is definitely its long lifespan at high temperatures and pressures at 24/7 conditions, because there is nothing more important than a long-lasting and maintenance-free installation, which is the wish of every real estate owner.

Infinity tower interior

Excellent plumbing work

In the pictures above, you can witness one of the three water meter rooms. Each water meter supplies water from here to each individual apartment. It is truly an impressive and professional job, as it requires specific skills to distribute all these pipes in such a small space. 

More information?

Find out more about this project or learn more about PB-1 pushfit system TERRAIN SDP by Nueva Terrain at Nuevaterrain.com