Calefacción urbana en las Azores

On June 23, 2021, PBPSA member company Thermaflex commissioned a 1,600kW – 80° C flow district heating network in the Azores.

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Piping systems made from Polybutene-1 demonstrate exceptional performance and offer energy-efficient and ecologically acceptable capabilities for challenging environments.

Islands by their very nature are conscious about their energy balance and this case study example is no exception with a new district heating network supplied by the local waste-to-energy plant from a readily available source of energy.

Thermaflex Delivers 1,600 kW District Heating Network in the Azores

When heat sources from fossil fuels are replaced by waste heat from industry, or heat from biomass or solar installations, carbon footprint is drastically minimized. The Thermaflex project is an outstanding example of a sensible use of energy that would otherwise be regarded as “waste heat” and subsequently would be lost if not utilised in a modern district heating network such as this latest example in Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira being realised by João Pualino Lda and his team.

The light weight and flexible pre-insulated Flexalen network, constructed using Polybutene-1 (PB-1, Polybutylene) for the pipes is a perfect solution for the rolling landscape and comes with a 100% corrosion free warranty; ideal for coastal climates! PB-1 piping systems will not scale-up in hard water areas or corrode in soft water areas.

The Thermaflex team of experts are pleased to be involved in the the design, delivery and support of this network which will assist the energy balance while minimizing the environmental impact to this eco-sensitive location.

Long-term ISO 9080 tests performed on Polybutene-1 pipes project service lifetimes of 50 years or more for PB-1 hot water pipes operating with water at 70°C, at 10 bar pressure. ISO 9080 tests are carried out according to international protocols by independent and accredited test agencies such as EXOVA.

For more information about this project and other potential solutions to district energy (heating and cooling) please contact:

Thermaflex Contact: https://thermaflex.com/en/offices

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PB-1 Piping | Eco Impact

The impact a piping material has on the environment in terms of emissions into the atmosphere, soil and water, landscape scarring, and the potential for extended service life and recycling is assessed in cradle-to-grave environmental impact studies. Polybutene-1 has been rated as having low environmental impact in comparison with alternative piping materials including metals and other plastics.

PB-1 Piping | Sustainable Systems

Piping systems made from Polybutene-1 demonstrate exceptional performance in a variety of demanding long-term applications and have become a vital part of modern energy-efficient and ecologically acceptable building technology resulting in the rapid worldwide growth in usage for the product in recent years.


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