New System for District Heating

Thermaflex presents the next step in District Heating Networks: Flexalen PHC

(Pre-fabricated House Connnections)

As the market leader in the pre-insulated polymer pipe industry, PBPSA member company Thermaflex has developed a completely new piping system that makes building heating networks easier, faster, and cheaper!

In the coming years, neighborhoods will be connected to a central heat source at an accelerated pace of installation. To minimise the inconvenience to residents, Thermaflex is constantly looking for new solutions to simplify and speed up the construction of district heating networks.

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Flexalen PHC is the pre-fabricated house connection system for extremely fast and secure installation of insulated Polybutene-1 piping for heating networks. The PB-1 medium pipe is PUR-insulated, and can be connected with Flexalen 600 or Flexalen PU. Flexalen PHC contains the general distribution line and the connection (flow and return) to a house.

All components are manufactured in the Thermaflex factory located in the Netherlands and then carefully assembled with state of the art welding techniques in their own prefabrication department to ensure a high end and tested component that is critical in the complete heating distribution system.

Building DHCN networks with Flexalen PHC means less – and only straight – connections need to be built in the field, which saves up to 15% in material purchases and up to 33% in installation time.

Technical Characteristics

Flexalen PHC consists of:

  • 1 or 2 PB-1 medium pipes
  • homogenously weldable, flexible plastic pipes
  • PUR insulated core
  • optimal energy efficiency, CFC-free
  • PE outer casing
  • protects against mechanical damage

With house connections, up to 6 metres

Thermaflex produces Flexalen PHC in lengths up to 6 metres, including multiple house connections per stick. This only needs a straight trench in the street, with a minimum of digging volume. Disturbance for the residents is minimal, due to the ready house connections. Building a heating network is faster and more efficient than current systems.


Connection Techniques

Flexalen PHC can both be connected to:

  • Flexalen 600
    for maximum flexibility
  • Flexalen PU
    for maximum insulation value

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