Bilton Field Farms, GB

Exclusive countryside development installs JG Speedfit Polybutene piping systems

Located on the outskirts of the market town of Rugby, Warwickshire, is the new residential development, Bilton Fields Farm. The BoBen Construction development features 12 luxury homes placing green living at its core, with underfloor heating using PBPSA Member, RWC/JG Speedfit’s push-to-connect Polybutene-1 pipes (also called Polybutylene, PB-1), structural insulated panels (SIP) system and appliances with A-rated energy performance.

The Project

Sustainability and traceability sit at the core of the Bilton Fields Farm project, with every material being sourced with those attributes in mind. These materials include a zinc roof, charred timber cladding, farmhouse bricks and aluminium framed floors. Additionally, the design of each home places a premium on maximising energy efficiency, with underfloor heating throughout made using the flexible PB-1 push-fit piping system from JG Speedfit.

The architectural design of each house consists of a two-storey ‘heart’ structure across two wings, offering versatile living options. The modern, barn-style design of each home reflects the natural setting that surrounds it – floor to ceiling windows allow light to flood each room, bringing the outdoors inside.

This historic estate is designed for commuters and professionals who want to live in an exclusive countryside property, with easy access to the Rugby township.

RWC/Speedfit Involvement

Each home offers a luxury living environment and has a floor area of over 280 sq. m (3,000 sq. ft.) The modern design of the kitchens and bathrooms, with the latest heating technology under the floor and out of sight, along with a clean, minimalist barn style look, help to make these developments highly desirable to new home buyers.

JG Underfloor Heating Systems (UFH) made from Polybutene-1 (PB-1) were specified and installed by the experienced contractors C D Northage throughout each home on both floors due to the system quality, energy efficiency and ease of installation.

They know that a high quality system of reliable pipes, valves and fittings is paramount to ensure long-lasting, problem-free service to the homeowner.

“We always install JG Underfloor systems because of the quality of products, ease of installation and support we receive throughout."
– Chris Northage

With their experience over time with the JG Speedfit Underfloor Heating System, they found that it significantly reduced long term maintenance issues, and the flexible piping and components are easy to transport and work with on site.

With the pipework hidden beneath the floor,  interior design space is optimised and homeowners also benefit from reduced heating bills due to the maintenance of a consistent temperature and elimination of cold spots.

All the properties in the Bilton Field Farms development have JG Speedfit’s PB-1 push-to-connect pipes, valves and fittings installed, allowing hot and cold water to flow safely and efficiently.

Additionally, each basin and shower is fitted with a Reliance Valves Easifit TMV from RWC/John Guest to remain compliant with the UK’s Part G of the Building Regulations to ensure users are not at risk of being scalded.

“We always install JG Underfloor systems because of the quality of products, ease of installation and the support we receive throughout. When plastic plumbing systems are required, we always use JG Speedfit and now include their range of Reliance Valves as well.”

Chris Northage, Managing Director of C D Northage

Project At a Glance

Bilton Field Farms, Rugby, Warwickshire, UK
JG Speedfit project case study

RWC/JG Speedfit Client:
C D Northage

Reliable, energy efficient and easy to install underfloor heating, hot and cold water plumbing and heating solutions

Specified solution:
JG Speedfit pipes and fittings, JG Underfloor Heating and Reliance Valves Easifit TMVs

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