Marley (by Aliaxis)

Marley New Zealand is part of the Aliaxis group, a privately owned business based in Belgium and active around the world.

Marley New Zealand


Marley New Zealand (by Aliaxis)
Private Bag 802
Manurewa, Auckland 2243
32 Mahia Road
Manurewa, Auckland 2102
Tel. 0800 627 539
Fax. +64 9 279 2798

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About Marley New Zealand, part of the Aliaxis

Marley New Zealand is part of the Aliaxis group, a privately owned business based in Belgium and active around the world. Aliaxis group employs 16,000 people across 45 countries and is made up of more than 100 companies worldwide.

Aliaxis is passionate about creating sustainable innovative solutions for water and energy. They provide people around the world with advanced plastic piping systems, leading the industry in a way that anticipates the rapidly evolving needs of their customers.

Aliaxis wants to achieve more together, working with and for people. They want to be fit, fast and agile so they can answer their customers’ needs. But above all, they want to improve people’s lives by living their values and by making a difference, shaping a better, sustainable tomorrow.



Marley began its New Zealand story right back in 1957 trading as a vinyl flooring contractor and retailer in Three Lamps, Ponsonby. After a couple of years, we setup shop in Manurewa, Auckland. Here we started manufacturing our vinyl flooring systems locally, before transitioning into the world of PVC and Polyethylene pipe systems focused on quality, innovation and long-lasting customer relationships.

An iconic Kiwi brand, Marley has grown to become one of New Zealand’s largest manufacturers in the plastics industry. Involved with extruded and injection moulded products, Marley manufactures using PVC, Polyethylene and Polybutylene. Belonging to the Aliaxis group has also provided Marley with access to thousands of new products around the world.

At Aliaxis all our businesses are also working to ensure our supply chain partners reflect this vision and as such we require all suppliers to comply with the Aliaxis Supplier Code of Conduct. This code includes expectations relating to human rights, labour standards and health, safety and environmental sustainability as well as a number of other focus areas.

Aliaxis opposes slavery in all its forms and is committed to identifying and preventing any potential modern slavery risks within our operations and supply chains.


How we manufacture our products

Marley New Zealand’s ISO 9001 quality management system certified manufacturing operation incorporates blending, extrusion, injection moulding, fabrication and warehouse facilities.

Marley is ISO 14001 certified which is the international specification for an environmental management system. This standard is an assessment tool for organisations and exists to help minimise how their operations negatively affect the environment.

Marley also holds the Certificate of Accreditation ISO / IEC 17025, which states Marley as an accredited Laboratory in the field of Mechanical Testing.


Hot & Cold systems – SecuraOne® by Marley

SecuraOne® is the next evolution of hot and cold systems, offering standardised PB & PEX pipes with one range of fittings designed to work with both. SecuraOne® has a range of market leading features and is backed by a 25 year warranty from Marley.

SecuraOne® has been fully designed and developed in New Zealand passing all international third party testing to meet the stringent design criteria set down by the Australian and New Zealand standards authorities. Look for the standard mark as a stamp of quality assurance. Made from lead free brass, SecuraOne® fittings meet the building code regulations on drinking water safety.


SecuraOne® PB Pipe

SecuraOne PB pipes are made from the same high-performance materials as the SecuraGold range but to the new metric SDR9 dimensions. The new dimensions provide a thicker wall section giving a PN20 pressure rating and better overall long-term performance.

PB Pipe SecuraOne

Diameter sizes