LyondellBasell COVID-19 Response

PBPSA founder member LyondellBasell provides their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our company's response to COVID-19
March 27, 2020

Each day we are presented with new challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. Though we may be in uncharted waters, we are stepping up to each challenge with one guiding principle – the health and safety of our people. There’s no higher priority. As we learn more from the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), European Centers for Disease Control (ECDC) and other health authorities about this virus and how it is spread, we are making decisions to help protect our LyondellBasell family in every way we can.

Make no mistake: team LYB is on the front lines of combatting the coronavirus and helping to keep people healthy. A huge thanks and appreciation goes out to those LyondellBasell team members who are keeping our plants running safely and reliably, ensuring that we continue supplying the many vital products that power the industries supporting healthcare, hygiene and medicine. There is a reason governments have designated our sector as "critical infrastructure" during this time. For example, our polypropylene resins are used by our customers to produce melt-blown fibers that provide filtration in facemasks; our masterbatch products are used in breathable films for protective suits; and our polypropylene, ethylene oxide, and propylene oxide are used to make medical syringes, medical test kits, soaps, disinfectants, and many other products.


The professionalism and flexibility of our employees enable us to manage through this challenging time. To keep them safe and healthy, we have asked all office-based employees who are able to perform their jobs remotely to work from home. For employees whose work is location-based, we continue to take proactive measures at our locations to help protect our global workforce and site visitors. These precautionary measures include:

  • implementing health-based entrance screenings to sites
  • increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitization of common areas and turnstiles
  • encouraging social distancing and increased hygiene practices while at work
  • providing sanitizing products to all workers and visitors
  • replacing some turnstiles with guards for touch-free access, and
  • installing plexiglass barriers for certain entrance locations.


It’s times like these when it’s important to express our gratitude. Thank you to our workforce and all the healthcare professionals, first responders, grocery store workers and many more who are fighting this pandemic and helping to ensure our health and wellbeing. We appreciate everything you are doing.

We will get through this together. #LYBProud