GF Piping Systems Joins PBPSA

PBPSA and our member companies are very pleased to extend a warm welcome to GF Piping Systems (GFPS) as a valued associate company. As one of the leading and largest flow solutions providers worldwide, GFPS is committed to the use of the thermoplastic material, Polybutene-1 (Polybutylene, PB-1) for the manufacture of latest technology piping systems. The company has consistently expanded the boundaries of how PB-1 can be utilised in sophisticated piping systems and innovative connection technologies.

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The GFPS INSTAFLEX system offers pipes and associated fittings from d 16mm to d 315mm able to be specified for use equally in a single-family detached house, a hospital, a high-rise building or even on board of a luxury ocean liner.

In addition to the broad range of sizes and applications for the GFPS INSTAFLEX system, the company provides a number of connection technologies, offering the installer a range of choices depending on project needs.

The GF Piping Systems' business is driven by maintaining industry-leading sustainability levels, innovating through digitally enabled solutions, and investing in a culture built on performance, learning, and caring.

The INSTAFLEX plastic pipeline system made from Polybutene-1 is designed to meet the highest requirements of diverse building technology applications – from distribution to the extraction point.

Polybutene, a material specially developed for these applications, offers numerous benefits, from limited expansion force to low weight, space-saving installation, simple processing and high hygiene during operation.

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