Choosing the right plumbing material: ensuring durability and reliability

After foundation and structure, plumbing pipes are the second most important aspect in buildings. Plumbing is a fundamental part of any building, and it is essential that it is carried out with the best materials to ensure its durability and reliability. 

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Choosing the right plumbing material

How to choose the right plumbing material?

When it comes to plumbing systems, choosing the right materials is crucial for durability and reliability. Polybutene-1 (PB-1) is a standout option in the industry, offering several key advantages over other plumbing materials.

Less material waste reduces costs

One of the main benefits of PB-1 is its exceptional flexibility. It is the most flexible material available for plumbing, allowing for straight sections and long coils of up to 100 meters. This flexibility reduces pipe waste and costs while enabling easy bending through which the need for fittings is kept to an absolute minimum. It also resists impacts without developing microcracks that can lead to ruptures over time, preventing significant damage to buildings.

Less waste plumbing system

Longer lifespan of thermoplastics

PB-1 boasts high tensile strength, meeting maximum requirements with thin wall thicknesses. This strength helps absorb water hammer shocks, temperature fluctuations, and pressure changes, which are known factors that can shorten the lifespan of thermoplastics used in plumbing systems.

Less waste plumbing system

Durability and reliability of plumbing systems

One of PB-1's greatest advantages is its excellent resistance to high temperatures under continuous operational pressure conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for hot water recirculation networks in various buildings, including hotels, hospitals, and skyscrapers. Its ability to withstand these conditions ensures a durable and reliable plumbing system.


Polybutene-1 for a wide range of building projects

PB-1 is highly recommended for flexible, durable, and reliable plumbing systems. Available in a wide range of diameter options, accommodating small and large projects with the same material.

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