STX Cruise Ships, FR

GF Piping Systems, has received a substantial order totalling more than EUR 15 million from the leading shipbuilding company STX France for Polybutene-1 piping systems.

PB-1 case study provided by courtesy of GF Piping Systems.


The latest order from STX France covers the delivery of corrosion-free plastic piping systems to equip three new cruise liners. These piping systems are manufactured at GF facilities in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Delivery commenced in the second half of 2015.

GF Piping Systems is well experienced in the shipbuilding industry as its innovative piping technologies have already been installed on the largest cruisers worldwide. GF Piping Systems also offers comprehensive maintenance services for on board piping systems at major ports in the US, Europe and Asia to ensure for ship owners the maximum availability for their cruise liners.

GF Piping Systems is a leading supplier of piping systems made of plastics and metal. The division focuses on system solutions and high-quality components for the safe transport of water and gas in industry, utilities, and building technology. Its product lines include fittings, valves, pipes, automation and jointing technology and cover all water cycle applications.

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Polybutene-1 is often referred to as Polybutene, Polybutylene, PB-1 or PB.

Polybutene-1 is not sold by PBPSA members for use in pipe applications intended for use in North America, and those parties require their customers or distributors not to sell products made from PB-1 into pipe applications for North America.