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HakaGerodur manufactures state-of-the-art piping systems and products made to the highest quality standards. Our company has a reputation for continuous improvement, flexibility and technical know-how. HakaGerodur delivers high levels of innovation and service to its markets and is a strong and dependable partner to customers worldwide.

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About HakaGerodur

HakaGerodur Piping Systems

Plastics, with all of its immense possibilities and broad range of applications, is our business. HakaGerodur pipes, fittings and accessories are specified by engineers, architects and planners worldwide for heating, cooling, sanitary, geothermal, extruded profiles and medical piping installations.

Our piping systems offer proven solutions to customers' challenges across a broad list of categories including: pressure (hot and cold), sewer, cable conduit, winding pipes and ducts, and specialty applications. HakaGerodur collaborates closely with customers in areas such as: piping systems calculations, consultation on pipe-laying technologies and assistance for project tenders. We are pleased to offer customers the benefit of our expertise and experience. It is an important part of what we do.

Serving customers worldwide

HakaGerodur's piping systems business is truly global. Based in Switzerland, we manufacture our product range according to the high quality benchmarks and recognised standards of that region and the EU, and we deliver to customers worldwide. HakaGerodur maintains high levels of stock readiness which offers the benefits of short-cycle planning and assurance of supply, particularly to our concentrated markets in Western and Eastern Europe.

High standards | Continuous improvement

Accuracy is a key part of the HakaGerodur corporate culture; not only for our product range, but also for customer service. Fast response and correct order processing are essential components of our operation. Our customers rely on it.

HakaGerodur also maintains a continuous improvement program as a vital part of our business. We set demanding targets for improvement across all parts of our business and we focus the innovative capability of our company to meet those goals. For us, our customers’ challenges are opportunities to deliver the optimal solution.

In the plastics industry, the raw material is delivered in granulate form and stored in aluminium silos until it is processed. At our site in Benken, the silo plant was expanded. The installation of the silos is always spectacular. See for yourself!
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We focus on assisting our customers to stay competitive in dynamic markets:


Piping Systems

Trusted solutions for diverse piping systems applications including pressure (hot and cold), sewer, cable conduit, winding pipes and ducts, specialty and custom designed installations.

We produce piping systems including:

Polybutene Piping Systems

HakaGerodur produces polybutene (also known as polybutylene or PB) pipes with up to three layers. While the single-layer version is configured for drinking water installations, the three-layer pipes are oxygen tight in accordance with DIN 4726 and therefore suitable for heating systems and other areas. The entire HakaGerodur range is backed by decades of experience in plastics processing. And this vast pool of knowledge provides a significant customer benefit.

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Structure / Material
Plastic pipes are extruded from the especially flexible and durable basic material of polybutene. The material is melted, shaped and then cooled. The adhesive between basic pipe and barrier layer allows force-fit and permanent jointing. Single-layer pipes without oxygen barrier are used for drinking water installations and in industrial applications. The pipes are jointed either by welding or with push-in connectors. For this purpose material PB 4237 grey is used. Multilayer pipes are installed in heating systems. The material used here is the quality PB 4235 beige.


Ø 6 mm to 110 mm
Special dimensions and special tolerances can be manufactured on request

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Approvals / Standards



Key Markets

Heating & Sanitary

HakaGerodur has decades of experience in the production of high quality piping for heating and drinking water. We manufacture comprehensive piping systems, comprising plastic pipes and plastic-metal composite pipes; and pipe-fixing technology including fittings, laying tools and specific installation tools. Our project offer is completed with calculation diagrams and technical documents.

Geothermal Systems

GEROtherm – HakaGerodur's geothermal systems are applicable for the extraction of geothermal energy or to deduct (store) surplus heat in the ground. Geothermal systems can be constructed using both closed vertical or horizontal piping systems and the GEROtherm range also includes geothermal probes, horizontal earth collectors, collectors/distributors and energy piles.

Profile Extrusion

HakaGerodur has decades of profile extrusion experience and employs the latest technology high volume production. We work with customers to design and produce custom profiles for a broad array of end uses and markets. In addition to the production of extruded profiles, we offer in-house design, engineering and tool making services.

Medical Technology

We produce high-quality plastic pipettes and other derivative medical products conforming to international medical packaging and product standards. HakaGerodur utilises vertical manufacturing capabilities for its medical products including plastics processing, ultrasound welding, printing, packaging and sterilisation.

Additional Products

Pipe in corrugated pipe

The pipe is drawn into a corrugated pipe at the factory. This protective pipe is available in the colours red, blue and black. It is recommended especially for drinking water installation and radiator connections.

Pre-insulated pipes

Polybutene pipes with prefabricated cold / heat insulation of thermally welded, extruded PE foam with a protective layer of a PE film are suitable for drinking water installations and radiator connections. The outer layer offers additional protection against UV radiation as well as against mechanical loading.

Accessories and tools

HakaGerodur offers accessories and tools for the use of polybutene pipes and their laying (pipe cutters, calibrators, flexible springs, oneman coilers, presses, press jaws and much more).

Mounting rails

The mounting rail for underfloor heating developed by HakaGerodur engineers meets all functional needs and complies with the technical building requirements of professional associations. It is an extruded U-shaped fixing rail with stamped out pipe holding clips.