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Dux is a well-known and trusted manufacturer and distributor of SecuraGold®, FlexiTrap™, Reln Surface Water & Ground Water Drainage, Dux Bathroom Solutions, Dux Grease Converters, Dux Couplings and Ciclon Macerators. As a market leader, Dux product solutions are marketed extensively throughout Asia-Pacific and worldwide.



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About Dux Industries

Dux Industries has been designing, manufacturing and distributing to the plumbing industry for almost 80 years.

PBPSA Member, Dux Industries has been designing, manufacturing and distributing to the plumbing industry for almost 80 years based at its headquarters in New Zealand.  Dux quality manufacturing delivers piping and plumbing systems that provide customers with long-lasting performance and value for money.  The iconic Dux Centreflush toilet cistern is indicative of products that have stood the test of time and the SecuraGold® hot and cold plumbing system combined with flexible Dux Secura Polybutene-1 piping is installed by thousands of plumbers every day.

The Aliaxis Group
Dux is part of the Aliaxis group, a privately owned network of companies that specialise in the manufacture or distribution of plumbing products for construction, industrial and public utilities. The Aliaxis group comprises more than 100 companies worldwide, including Dux sister company, Marley NZ and has operations in more than 40 countries.

Dux SecuraGold® plumbing system

The SecuraGold® range of hot and cold potable water fittings combined with our 12, 15, 20 and 28mm Polybutene-1 pipe make up the premier residential Polybutene system in New Zealand. With over 80 fittings and 24 SKU variants in PB-1 pipe Dux can provide a solution for the most challenging of projects.

Dux Secura Polybutene-1 piping

The Dux Secura Polybutene-1 pipe manufactured by our sister company Marley NZ is made to exacting standards meeting the strict requirements of AS/NZS 2642 and has achieved Certified Water Mark status consistently for the last 32 years.

Secura PB-1 Piping - Lay Straight Coils
The Secura PB-1 pipe is available in multiple forms ranging from 5m straight piping, 25m coils and up to 280m coil lengths. The 25m coils available for the last 12 years are unique in New Zealand as they are lay straight coils. Following extrusion, these pipes to be coiled are sent directly into 25m long hammocks where they are cured for up to 10 days. This enables the molecular memory of the PB-1 to ‘remember’ a straight configuration even after being coiled.

These coils have major benefits for plumbers making them much easier to use than standard coils especially in the tight roof spaces or under house installations common in New Zealand and Australia where pipe needs to be fed through and around wooden joists.

Dux Initiatives

What's the real cost? (WTRC- 2017)

This initiative was carried out by the Wellington Institute of Technology Plumbing Department (WelTec), moderated by an experienced senior WelTec Tutor and conducted by two Senior Plumbing Tutors.

The objective was to carry out comparative installations of a standard bathroom configuration utilising fittings and lengths of pipe as similar as possible with the Dux Secura PB-1 system and four other PEX systems. Three standard training booths were set up for the trials and three qualified and licensed plumbers sourced from reputable firms were contracted to carry out the work.

Each plumber was experienced in using the five chosen systems and carried out 9 installations using each system.

The objective of the trials was to address the efficiency of system installation across the different product systems currently available, with a focus on competing crimp systems. The trials generated authentic installation data for each system to provide an impartial comparison of installation performance efficiency, expressed as installation time. This information, when combined with market hourly rates, was translated into time and comparative costs.

If ‘time is money’ – what’s the real cost to your business using your current piping system?

The results showed that the average installation time for Dux SecuraGold® PB-1 system was 17 minutes 56 seconds, while the lowest average PEX system was 26 minutes 8 seconds.

Removing dominant results of the slowest and fastest recorded installation time did not affect the averaged installation times.

This was the second year of trialing, a previous trial in 2016 was carried out with 3 other PEX systems with similar results. The WTRC program has now trialed SecuraGold against all of the seven major PEX systems available in New Zealand and has been declared by that expert authority as the fastest and most reliable system to install.

Below is a comparison of average installation times in minutes of Dux SecuraGold® system (PB-1), Kembla KemPex Crimp (PEX), Auspex Crimp (PEX), Ginde G-Pex (PEX) and Forza Pex Water Crimp (PEX) based on multiple installations, by multiple installers.

Averaged Installation Times
In residential applications, labour may make up a larger percentage of project costs than materials, so installation time is an important factor to consider in order to improve efficiencies.

Averaged Installation Times (min/sec)
  SecuraGold® KemPex Auspex Ginde Forza
Installation Time 18.07 26.17 26.48 28.49 29.42
% Slower to Install vs. SecuraGold® –– 45.08% 47.93% 59.06% 60.26%

The videos below compare installation for: Kembla KemPex Crimp (PEX), Ginde G-Pex (PEX), Forza Pex Water Crimp (PEX) and Dux SecuraGold (PB-1).  The times are shown in minutes and are taken from a single random installation of each hot and cold piping system.

Colour Coding

The SecuraGold® system utilises effective colour coding coordinating the system set of crimp tools for the 12, 15 and 20mm range with their applicable sized fitting diameters. Dux designers have matched the colours of the crimp tool handles with the end caps of the relevant sized fittings.

This makes the Dux system sizes more recognisable at point of purchase, in the truck and on the job site, assisting the merchant and plumber alike.

Flow and Pressure Loss Online Calculators

The two calculators allow the plumber to estimate the size of pipe required for a specific installation.

The New Zealand Building Code requires that specific appliances meet certain flow rates. As a result, plumbers must understand the factors that affect the flow rates and pressure losses in the residential systems they install.

Residential plumbers do not have the benefit of a Hydraulic Engineer onsite to optimise systems under construction. To address this issue Dux has developed several simple online calculators that provide the plumber with a guide as to what flow rate and/or pressure loss can be expected when installing Polybutene-1 pipes based on factors including the run length, temperature and number of fittings.

The two calculators can be used separately or in conjunction to give an understanding of the expected flow or pressure, allowing the plumber to estimate the size of pipe required for a specific installation. The high flow rates achievable through Polybutene-1 pipe can in some instances make it possible to reduce pipe size from a standard 15mm ø pipe to the smaller 12mm pipe without impacting the flow rate required by the New Zealand Building Code.

A reduction in pipe size where applicable can have major cost benefits not only in cost of pipe and fittings but also in speed of installation due to the flexibility of 12mm Polybutene-1 pipe.

Link to Dux calculators

Solution Pipes

The range of PB-1 pipes and pipe sizes 12, 15, 20 and 28mm ø are also complimented with three colour varieties.
These include:


Dux – providing innovative residential hot and cold potable water plumbing for New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.


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